Massage Central Therapist(s) who specializes in Reiki and Stones:

Kimali (Master)

Michelle (Level 1)

Reiki and Stones: the blending of two beautiful energies.

Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique which uses hands-on healing.  Reiki is a powerful yet gentle energy that reduces stress and aids healing.  Reiki is safe and non-invasive.  

Those who receive Reiki often experience tension relief, pain-reduction, and an overall sense of well-being. At a minimum, most gain a very deep sense of relaxation.  Many experience speeded healing and for some, Reiki is a life-changing experience.

Stones are precious gifts from the earth and sky, providing beauty and healing in one powerful tool.

Experience the uplifting energy of the stones.  Find your soul's purpose, facilitate emotional and physical healing, soothe anxiety, or increase positive manifestation.  The possbiilities for healing our wounds and helping us on our spiritual paths are endless.  Find the stones that speak to you.

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