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Aaron Noleen

There was one exercise in 1992 that sparked Aaron’s interest in Qi- the energy that is responsible for the growth, maturation and ultimately the decline of all life.  That exercise intrigued him enough that he sought out teachings that could develop his understanding of Qi. 

Aaron took his 1st REIKI initiation in 1993.  A deep self-practice left him thirsty to learn more.  In 1996, he found The Wellspring School for Healing Arts where he studied AMMA Therapy.  To further his awareness of Qi, he took his 2nd degree REIKI initiation in 1997. In 1999, he graduated from The Wellspring  and immediately started volunteering at the school. After 4+ years of assisting, Aaron was fortunate enough to be an instructor at The Wellspring for 6 years.  He taught classes ranging from Chinese Medical Theory and Anatomy to the very specific AMMA Technique and Student Clinics. 

The focus of Aaron’s treatments are to bring balance to the energetic systems of the body, mind and spirit.  By working down energetic pathways, the use of pressure points, fire cupping, hot stones, guasha, etc., the body’s natural ability to heal itself is engaged.  This technique benefits muscles, tendons, joints, organs, lymph, digestive disturbances, PMS,  mental clarity, lowers stress, and leaves the recipient centered and energized with a sense of peace to the spirit.  The treatment can range from light and more energetic to deep and very moving, depending on the needs of the day.  People seem to be most surprised at how centered and grounded they feel after a session.


QI- Pronounced “chee”, is the energetic quality that dictates all life.  It rules over the body processes- the conception, growth and decline of the birds, the bees, the trees and you and I.

AMMA Therapy- A form of Chinese Medical Massage to the energetic meridians of the body.  This technique incorporates acupressure (like acupuncture but without needles), manipulation of the muscles, fascia, connective tissues,  and organs.  It can also include the use of FIRE CUPPING, GUASHA, HOT STONE, liniments, and dietary/exercise recommendations.

REIKI- Literally, Universal Life Force/Energy.  It is simply the laying on of hands to the recipient which concentrates energy to an area, muscle, organ, mental clarity, centering the spirit, ect…