Audrey Vanderlaan, LMT, CCT

Audrey Vanderlaan has practiced as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Cupping Therapist in Boise, Idaho since 2015.  Audrey's style of bodywork is customized to the client's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs for each treatment session.

In 2016, Audrey became a Certified Cupping Therapist through the ITCA in traditional fire cupping, as well as contemporary methods using Kangzhu and Baguanfa cups. Cupping treatment is ideal for detoxification, muscle recovery, deep relaxation, and bringing the body back to homeostasis. This modality can treat a wide range of symptoms and promotes healing in a unique and highly effective way.

Every individual carries the innate gift of self healing and profound wellness—Audrey is simply a guide to your best self.

Audrey is available by appointment only.

Phone: 1 (208) 546 1819 Email:



Deep Tissue

Hot Stone

Cupping Therapy (includes fire cupping, contemporary cupping, facial cupping, abdominal cupping)

Prenatal Massage