Featured Artist:

Lydia Farley & Gabrial Jackson

About our Featured Artist

As a full-time artist, I was a late bloomer. My journey began as a need for art therapy following the passing of my older brother. The first medium I created with was clay pottery. Or, I should say hand thrown/carved wall decor. I was so blessed to be featured in a high end furniture store soon after I started.

As the creative spark grew, so did the size of my creations. As you may know, clay is very heavy so I needed to find a way to attach designs to lighter weight materials suitable for wall display. Not able to find a finish carpenter to help me, I purchased the needed tools such as saws, sanders, routers, etc. and figured out how to use them. This took my art to a whole new level.

As the creations grew larger and larger, I was invited to sell my wares in a variety of places. Eventually I met a metal artist and we decided to collaborate out efforts. Finally I was creating work that would be sold not only throughout Idaho but also in a gallery in Olympia, Washington. Life was good…

Until I got sick.

Five years later, having survived illness, I thought my career was over. I simply did not have the stamina it takes to safely use the tools I once felt so comfortable using.

The only medium I could think of that is light weight enough for me to create with is artist wrapped canvas. Behind each piece suitable to sell, are countless failed attempts as I’ve learned how to create with acrylics and resin.

I love collaborating with other artists and now I am proud to introduce my son, Gabrial Jackson. In his free time, while not working as a hair stylist, Gabe primarily creates contemporary commission art or portrait pieces.

We hope you enjoy these unique offerings.

Lydia Farley & Gabrial Jackson

*Tax included in all prices

‘Gold Coast’ 16x20  $125

‘Gold Coast’ 16x20 $125

‘Conch Two’ 16x20 $98 (left)     ‘Conch One’ 16x20  $125 (right)

‘Conch Two’ 16x20 $98 (left) ‘Conch One’ 16x20 $125 (right)

‘Super Nova’ 12x24  $111

‘Super Nova’ 12x24 $111

‘Mystical Forest’ 14x18  $98

‘Mystical Forest’ 14x18 $98

‘Black Tie’ 16x20  $128

‘Black Tie’ 16x20 $128

‘Heart Rising’  12x12  $56

‘Heart Rising’ 12x12 $56

“Morning has Broken’ 16x20  $125

“Morning has Broken’ 16x20 $125

‘Conch Three’ 18x24  $135

‘Conch Three’ 18x24 $135

‘Solar Flare’ 12x24  $111

‘Solar Flare’ 12x24 $111