Katy Rogan is our Dec/Jan artist!
“My name is Katy and I am a photographer and illustrator. I create art to help myself and others feel a little bit better. I am in a constant state of trying to achieve balance, whether it be with my art mediums or how clean my house is. Emotions drive me to create because it is the only way I know how to turn festering negativity into something beautiful. The mark I want to leave on the world is one of compassion and curiosity. “ 

“Being at Massage Central is like being wrapped in angel wings.  I feel safe and comfortable. A peaceful place away from home."

  • Asian Bodywork Therapy
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu® Acupressure
  • Cranio Sacral Release
  • Deep Tissue 
  • Ear Coning
  • Cold and Hot Stone
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Cupping Therapy
  • ​Pregnancy Massage
  • Sports
  • Swedish 
  • Iridology, and Kinesiology



OUR therapists are top notch 

All our therapists are insured and licensed (as required) by the State of Idaho Occupational Licensing Board.

Each therapist is in private practice.  We have a standard intake for Massage Central, however, the therapists do not share files.  You will need to fill out the intake form for each therapist if you schedule with a different therapist.

​Massage Central offers a great selection of handcrafted items (many created locally) such as herbal salves, tonics, essential

oils, jewelry, cards, stones and Yoga/Meditation recordings.



4304 Emerald St. Boise, Idaho 83706

Therapists at Massage Central of Boise use interviews and observation to conduct a comprehensive assessment prior to each session as well as evaluating effectiveness afterwards.

Massage Central of Boise

A Co-op of healing hands